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    Seismic vulnerability studies and Sisma-Bonus practices

    Research of seismic risk index, namely the degree of safety of a building compared to current regulation values. This is a study addressing all existing buildings and therefore essential to understand the real dynamic behaviour of the building in order to evaluate it. This service also includes the study for incentives and tax relief (Sisma Bonus)

    Why choose us

    In a country with high seismicity like Italy, when we talk about structural design we implicitly refer to seismic design. This natural phenomenon puts a strain on our structures, and it is important to know it thoroughly in order to carry out a targeted design, both for new buildings and for seismic mitigation interventions on existing buildings.

    In FOSD Engineering we have a vocation and a particular sensitivity towards these issues, and it is precisely for this reason that we have focused our professional activity on the design of wooden structures. Nonetheless, we are attracted by the challenge of making all existing buildings seismically safe and efficient, be they in reinforced concrete, masonry or steel, starting from the knowledge of the building to interpret its dynamic behavior and design the most appropriate interventions every time.

    With regard to the “Sisma-Bonus” seismic certifications, thanks to the wide range of cases we dealt with, we are able to guarantee the certification of each type of structure, both in the case of demolition and reconstruction and in the case of structural improvement of existing buildings.

    Who we turn to

    We offer this service to public administrations such as schools or public buildings of all categories, architectural firms or private clients who wish to know the degree of seismic safety of a building.

    Some projects in this field